Ask me anything   I'm Marion, I'm 21 and I make famous people as South Park characters.
I mainly do rock bands but I can also do actors or what ever you want ! I've already made almost 300 South Park characters (We The Kings, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk, Miss May I, Memphis May Fire, Bryanstars, Of Mice & Men, Man Overboard, Mayday Parade, Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Suicide Silence, Kings Of Leon, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Parkway Drive, A Day To Remember, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, ...)
I mostly do this or that group because someone asks me so feel free to ask, I don't bite !
You can ask me on Twitter @MaydayMarion or directly here, on tumblr and I promise you that I'll try to do what you want.

Hey guys !

I haven’t posted new South Park since almost one week (or more) because I was on a roadtrip to see some of my favorite bands live.

I went to the Of Mice & Men concert and Miss May I were opening for OM&M. I got the chance to meet all the guys from Miss May I after the show so I gave them an envelope with the South Park characters of their band (I promised that to BJ the month before) and they were so happy to get those little characters ! They all posted some pictures on their twitter/insta and Levi posted a video on his instagram if you want to see it, go on his instagram and you’ll see.

Those guys are all so nicet ! It was the first time for me meeting them and also the first time that I get the chance to give South Park characters to a band !

So that’s why I haven’t posted since a moment. But now I’m back home and I’m working on 2 bands : Tonight Alive and Every Avenue. I’ll post them later this week.

You can still follow me on twitter @MaydayMarion and tell me bands or stuff you want me to do as South Park characters and I’ll do my best to do them !

Thanks for the support !

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